Your entry fee for this fun 5K on Monday, January 20th, 2020 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day), will go to support Bluewater Justice Ministry, a local team that has rescued over 100 broken lives from sex trafficking and is working to make Hawaii a safer place for the vulnerable.


You'll be running with friendly, positive people! The 5K will be timed for the athletes who care. And everyone will be getting fit after December power-eating.


Plus you'll get a cool race t-shirt and a chance to win other fun prizes!

Troubled Teens are Targeted

It's scary, but we have to talk about it. Sex trafficking is a problem everywhere including Hawaii. Many victims say their first encounter with traffickers happened in their early teen years, whether through school peers or outside connections.

Take this quick Quiz on the risk of vulnerability to traffickers - either for yourself or someone  you care about. 

We Can All Help Turn the Tide for Someone at Risk

Bluewater Justice Ministry is one of several island groups reaching out to and providing resources for victims AND at risk youths. They've made this solid, real life training course that you can access for free right here:

We're the Changemakers

Ignorance or shutting our eyes  invites harm to grow in the shadows. But every time you learn, speak and walk the truth into your school, family or workplace, you turn on the light. So take the Quiz and the Course and chase the shadows out of town.